Mint soda recipe

This was adapted from one of Pascal Baudar’s recipes in The Wildcrafting Brewer.



Add spring water to fermentation vessel. Add sugar to fermentation vessel. Add mint. Prepare yeast as per instructions on packet. Mix yeast starter (when ready) into the must (with everything else).

Leave in a dark space for about 24 hours or until you notice bubbling - stirring 3-4 times throughout.

Once bubbling occurs, strain the mixture to remove the mint. Bottle in airtight containers for another 24 hours or so. Open one and taste. If it’s nice and fizzy, put it in the fridge to slow fermentation and enjoy.

This soda is to be enjoyed relatively fresh - as the fermentation will slowly continue and become slightly boozy after a couple months. In my experience the soda will remain drinkable for over 6 months if sealed and kept cool.