Designer, Front-end developer

2017 - 2021

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The role(s)

The New Business


I contracted on a few design integration projects with The New Business, including the Crew Database and a couple landing pages for the CION website for Northern Ontarioโ€™s Music and Film industry, as well as designing and integrating the Northern Ontario Trip Planner (it has since been updated slightly, but the essence, elements, and layout is the same). I worked within design guidelines to mock up screens, and integrate these designs into HTML and CSS, and prototype any interactions with vanilla JS where necessary. I worked closely with their development team in Basecamp, to ensure handoff was clean and easy. !(Northern Ontario Trip Planner)[/assets/img/northern-ontario-tripper.jpg]

Creative Intelligence


This project came in through a friendly recommendation (from The New Business). I worked with CI to understand and prototype their vision for an AI-powered chat-bot that could help artists write their own contracts. I worked closely with the founder to develop a high fidelity clickable prototype in Figma over several weeks. I developed the identity for the project, as well as the general UI and UX, building out a complete component library with documentation, screens, and use-cases for their development team. Unfortunately, the project was dismantled before I was able to see it live!

CIC News


Another project from a friendly recommendation. As the core designer, I worked with the team at CIC News to develop a fresh identity and a full site design. I designed each component based on the identity, and provided a full component library with documentation, and a workup of every screen in the site to demonstrate the layout. I was contacted for a follow-up project from the CEO at CIC News a year later, but was unable to take on new projects at the time.

Stone Table

April 2021 - July 2021

I worked closely with Alyson and Phil, owners at Stone Table for 4 months in 2021, working on a number of client projects with them. I helped set up and design component libraries, write documentation, design website and web app screens, and migrate a few projects from Sketch to Figma. I worked on 4-5 different projects over the course of my work with Stone table, but the one I put a lot of time into was Edly. I co-designed the components, website and inner screens with Phil.