Lead designer, UI and UX

2019 - 2021

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The company

Shep was a browser extension that helped companies enforce their corporate travel policies. It would take in real-time data of the page as the trip was being booked, and give relevant and realtime policy coverage or warnings as the employee searched for their trip. Shep worked closely with FlightCentre for quite a while before they were eventually aqcuired.

The role

I was hired as a contract UI designer for Shep in 2019, and over the next 18 months, I helped fulfill their vision with numerous prototypes and marketing materials.

I worked closely with the Shep team to design an ideal experience to provide travelling employees with pertinent safety and sustainability information, in addition to numerous marketing materials, like pitch decks, one-pagers, and social graphics.

When Shep was acquired by FlightCentre in 2021, and I was offered a full-time placement as lead designer on the project, but at the time, I opted for a product management role with another company.

The Shep team was incredibly professional, positive, and well-rounded, despite being a core team of only 3. One of the most positive, helpful, and effective teams I have ever worked with.

The tech

In our day to day we used Asana for task management, Google Sheets for pitch decks, Confluence for development and documentation, and Figma for design and prototyping.

One of the prototypes I designed and built for the pitch deck and website